Since year 2010 Church’s “Source of Life” does mission work in Latgale’s suburb fulfilling the vision of ministry to serve people in this region of Riga where they are being treated badly. Special care is for kids from streets, people in addiction and other sad souls. Since year 2012 the church rents some rooms in Daugavpils street 10/12. People here can hear God’s Word, they will be prayed for and people in addictions will get information about option of rehabilitation.


On Sundays at 12:00 here are services for the locals. After that people are served with soup that is made by volunteers.

Where: Riga, Daugavpils street 10/12 (entrance from Ludzas street).

When: Sundays, 12:00- service and soup kitchen.

Responsible for ministry: Daniels Ozolinkevics

Phone number: 27 068 277



Church’s Spring of Life branch at city of Salaspils is one of the fruits after crusade in 2013 that was made by American missionaries and Salaspils’ Russian Pentecostal church “The Dawn Of Daybreak”. The goal of this crusade was to create a Latvian church in Salaspils. First service was in year 2013 April 14th. The services in Salaspils are in a form of seminaries- with Word of God, testimonies of Christians and answering people’s questions. After the service there is time for fellowship and some refreshments.


Where: Salaspils, Skolas street 5/1 (“Salaspils nami”), 2nd floor (on doors there is a sign “Dzīvības Avots”).

When: Sundays at 11.00- service; Tuesdays at 18.00- service with intersession

Responsible for ministry: Jānis and Ligita Liniņi

Phone number: 28370022





In year 1998 on Easter services begun in Sigulda. Officially Pentecostal church of Sigulda was registered in year 2000. After a while this church became a stabile church in Latvian Pentecostal Churches Association (LPCA). Because of pastor’s illness the church was left without a pastor in year 2013. The church “Spring of Life” came to help and took on the responsibility of serving in Sigulda.

Where: Cultural centre of Sigulda’s district, Pils street 10 (2nd floor).

When: At this moment services in Sigulda have been cancelled. Information about beginning of services will be announced. Follow the information.

Responsible for ministry: Valdis Turkovs

Phone number: 26587384