Riga Pentecostal church “Spring of Life” was founded in 1995. Approximately 130 people call this church their “spiritual home” and are attending it regularly. Since 1996, pastor of the church is Modris Ozolinkevičs. Before him church’s pastor was his brother Agris Ozolinkevičs. Main goals and principles of our church are to Experience, to Worship, to Grow up and to Proclaim.


To Experience – so that everyone who comes to our church could experience God and perceive/ feel His touch.


To Worship – so that our church could be a place where people worship and honour God from all their hearts.

Grow up

To Grow up (spiritually) – so that everyone who comes to our church regularly could find an opportunity to study truth of Word of God, to serve and minister.


To Proclaim – we believe that evangelization is the fundamental objective of church, because Christ has entrusted the proclamation of Good News to the World to his disciples.

What do we believe?

“We believe in one eternal God who has appeared in three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

“We believe in God the Father as creator of all that is, seen and unseen.”

“We believe in Jesus Christ – one and only begotten Son of the Father, the real men and the real God, who became incarnate from the Virgin Mary, by Holy Spirit, who was crucified, buried, resurrected from the death and welcomed in the Heaven, where He sits in glory at the right hand of God.”

“We believe in Holy Spirit as a Person who is equally worshiped as the Father and the Son.”

“We believe that everyone has sinned and fall short of the glory of God but God wants that everyone repented from their sins and received forgiveness for their sins.”

“We believe that God sent His Son to save mankind from power of sin. We believe that repentance of sins and leaving them, though the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, bring spiritual rebirth and justification in front of God. We believe that the Blood of Christ washes all sins of man away, sets free and heals.”

“We believe that forgiveness of sins, spiritual rebirth and justification are received not because of good works or human merits but only through faith in Sacrifice of Christ for our good and mercy of God.”

“We believe that Christ’s command to every born again Christian is to be baptised in water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

“We believe that holy life follows after spiritual rebirth by believing in blood shed by Jesus Christ, Word of God and Holy Spirit. Holy life is the standard of Christian lives.”

“We believe that Bible is absolute Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and is the highest authority of questions about faith and morality.”

“We believe that Communion is command of Christ in what believers unite with Him, in His body and blood. By taking the Communion church of Christ remembers His death and sacrifice for the sake of mankind.”

“We believe that baptism in the Holy Spirit is a special experience that comes after rebirth. It gives spiritual power for church to spread the Gospel.”

“We believe that speaking in unknown languages (speaking in tongues), as Spirit has assigned, is the first sign for baptism in the Holy Spirit.”

“We believe that in every Christian’s personality and lifestyle the Fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control has to appear. “

“We believe that every gift from Holy Spirit, that is mentioned in the Bible, was given for ministry and strengthening the flesh of Christ acts today as it was in Jesus’ and apostles’ times. “

“We believe that mission of the Church is to fulfil the Great Commission – to go therefore and make disciples all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that God has commanded.”

“We believe that God affirms proclamation of the Gospel by accompanying supernatural signs and wonders. We believe that divine healing through the shed blood of Christ and His sacrifice are accessible to all children of God.”

“We believe that at the end of times, Christ is coming back to the earth a second time and everyone shall witness His coming.”

“We believe that at the end of the times all people who had ever lived on the Earth, will be resurrected from the dead, as Jesus was. All who belong to Christ will be resurrected for eternal life with God in the Heaven but those who deny and disobey the Gospel, for condemnation in the hell with satan and his angels.”

“We believe that God will create a new heaven and a new earth where Justice shall live and God will be all in all.”

Teaching and ministry are based on all protestant church and movements commonly shared principles:

Sola Christus, sola scriptura, sola gratia, sola fide – only Christ, only Scripture, only by grace, only by faith.

Modris un Baiba Ozolinkevičs

Pastor Modris his ministry at church ‘’Spring of life’’ started on 4 August, 1996. Since then he has been pastor at this and three other churches founded by church ‘’Spring of Life’’ – for three years in town Sigulda and for two years in towns Limbaži and Cēsis. Modris comes from pastor dynasty. His father Jānis Ozolinkevičs many years was the bishop of The Union of Pentecostal Churches in Latvia, (UPCL) and now he is the Bishop Emeritus. His brother Agris Ozolinkevičs is pastor of Jelgava Pentecostal Church. At present Modris leads approximately 130 people congregation in Riga City. On Spring 2015 he became the bishop of UPCL. Modris may sound harsh, on Latvian Christian Radio (LCR) broadcast ‘’Wake up Latvia’’ but actually he is solicitous shepherd, who cares about the flock and is truly interested in people’s spiritual well – being and development. Since 1991 together with Modris in life and ministry is his wife Baiba. They have got five sons – Daniels, Edijs, Kristians, Marts and Sebastians, and two daughters – Dominika and Patricija. Answering the question, “What do you wish to say to Latvian people?” he said that almost everything that he wanted to say he has said. God has given him a privilege to preach and minister to people and because of that he has always had an opportunity to say what was in his heart.

Our History

At the end of the May 1995, by initiative of The U.S. Assemblies of God missionary Terence Hall in the schools of Riga and cinema called ‘’Spartaks’’ were organized evangelization events, where students of Bible school from USA served.

On the last Sunday of May, same year, at the House of Arts Workers happened the first church service, mainly attended by youth. It is decided to start a new church, inviting Agris Ozolinkevičs, who has graduated from Moscow Theological Institute, as a pastor.

In summer, 1995 a temporary name for newly founded church is accepted. It’s called The Second Pentecostal Church of Riga. Missionaries Terence and Jill Halls gave large amount of financial and practical support through the first year of church work.

In June, 1995 started Sunday school ministry led by Eta Ozolinkeviča and Ieva Belte. Later through years Sunday school was led by Baiba Ozolinkeviča, Gunita Ceimere, Aleksejs Mucenieks and Jana Butlere. Since November of 2014 it is led by Gerda Donga.

On 2 June, 1996 happened church first baptism of 10 people and week later, first Communion.

On August, 1996 pastor Agris went to USA, study for Master’s degree. Modris Ozolinkevics became pastor of the church.

On October, 1996 – beginning of worship ministry at church. In the begging it was led by Solvita Jākobsone but later by Ieva Roze and Baiba Ozolinkeviča. Since year 2002 Sanita Freidenfelde is leading this ministry.

It is decided to register the church by name ‘’Spring Of Life’’ (in Latvian ,,Dzīvības Avots’’) after general meeting of congregation on beginning of November, 1996. On 26 November church is registered by that name, by Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia. At that time congregation consisted of 18 people.

At the beginning of 1997 people of church took part in organizing the first Day of Songs of The Latvian Pentecostal Church association (LPCA). Since then church musicians have been taking part in every LPCA Day of Songs.

In 1997 at editorial board of Ervīns Jākabsons the first issue of magazine ‘’Spring of Life’’ came out, that later became as unite magazine between all churches of UPLC. Unfortunately, only four issues came out because of lack of finances.

In 1998 in town Sigulda new church was founded, that later in year 2000 officially was named Pnetecostal Church of Sigulda.

In 1998 ministry on radio started. For a year weekly broadcast was on air, made by Modris Ozolinkevičs and Ervīns Jākobsons. It was broadcasted by Sigulda Radio station and was translated on most parts of Vidzeme region.

New church in town Limbaži started to form on November, 2000 that later became known as church “Christ for the World”.

On March, 2001 church services started in town Cēsis. In the course of time it develops as church “Mission of Vidzeme”.

On June, 2002 together with other Christian churches and American evangelist Steve Hill were organized evangelization services at Skonto Hall, in Riga.

Since year 2003 church is making a daily radio broadcast “Wake Up Latvia!” on Latvian Christian radio (LCR)

On September, 2003 church organized evangelization services participating French evangelist Frank Alexander.

On November, 2004 church moved to new home at Christian centre “Good News”.

Year 2004 church services started in town Ķekava, that later became in to church “Way of Life”. Couple of our church Tekla and Roberts Prikulis became pastors of this newly founded church.

On May, 2005 church “Spring of Life” celebrated its 10th

In summer, 2007 weekly church services were started in Jurmala, occurring approximately a year.

In 2010 first children day camp is organized. It occurred in Latgale Suburb, Riga, Mazā Kalnu Street. Later similar camps are organized at Riga Sports Manege and place called Siena Tirgus.

In 2011 at Riga Sports Manege joining “Kraukļa Fonds” evangelization services were held, to support people in material and spiritual needs.

Regular ministry at church branch office at Latgale Suburb, Daugavpils Street 10/12 started in 2012.

On August, 2013 cooperating with Latvian Evangelical Alliance and LPCA evangelization services are organized. At these services ministered British evangelist Nathan Morris.

On May, 2014 started series of evangelization events called “From Minus to Plus”, including evangelization services, concerts, and other events across the Latvia, for two months. During the time of evangelization booklets containing the message of the Gospel were put in people’s mailboxes. These series of events end by church services at International Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala, Riga, participating British evangelist Nathan Morris.
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